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ASEMI D50SB100 attracts Gree air conditioner supplier

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The rectifier bridge brand ASEMI and Hefei Rijin Electronics have become long-term partners, and the fate lies in  rectifier bridge - D50SB100.

Independent patent, ASEMI focuses on rectification for 12 years

Hefei Rijin Electronics -  supplier of Gree air conditioner controller

Hefei Rijin Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of home appliance controllers and wiring harness design, development and production. It has the production capacity of 5000 sets of air conditioner controllers per day. For many years, Rijin Electronics has been supplying various controllers for Zhuhai Gree, Nanjing Huamai, Zhejiang Shuaikang, Hangzhou Gaoteng, Anhui Meteorological Bureau, Zhongshan Power, Jinan Xiaoya, Hefei Rongshida and other enterprises.

Hefei Rijin Electronics specializes in the development of controllers, and the required rectifier bridges require high impact resistance and stable performance. Before the trial of the ASEMI brand, the samples of several brands were tried, and the effect was not satisfactory. One brand sample was particularly hot in the high-frequency state, which affected the product performance. There is also another brand sample impact resistance, which is easy to damage. The performance itself is not stable enough. In desperation, Rijin Electronics can only looking for new rectifier bridges, even the price has doubled.

In 2013, when it came to new procurement options, Rijin Electronics introduced a new ASEMI brand, a self-owned, self-contained rectifier bridge D50SB100. In the sample process, D50SB100 not only has stable performance, but also has a slow temperature rise and small heat dissipation. The excellent performance is favored by the chief engineer of Rijin electronic circuit design.


ASEMI brand | Independent patent rectifier D50SB100

ASEMI service concept - from the customer's point of view, to solve customer concerns

We know the working characteristics of air conditioning controller equipment, usually high switching current overcurrent and greater working power than ordinary appliances. Because the air conditioner controller needs to be started quickly in a short time, when the voltage is constant, it is necessary to apply a large current in a short time to achieve a high power effect.

Why is the ASEMI rectifier bridge D50SB100 ideal for air conditioning controllers? Below we answer this question with a simple data calculation -

Commercial air conditioner controllers generally have powers ranging from 2000W to 5000W. We calculate them with a maximum power of 5000W. Assuming the input voltage is 220V mains, then the operating current of the induction cooker is:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  5000/220=22.73amps

The safety margin is reserved according to the operating current of 3-5 times. The rectifier bridge is selected by this safety principle. Actually, two D50SB100 can complete the rectification work in the controller scheme design.

If the design scheme is 2000W power, then the above formula is used to calculate. As a result, only one D50SB100 rectifier bridge can be used to complete the rectification work. Therefore, engineers of ASEMI and Rijin Electronics believe that the D50SB100 is very suitable for air conditioner controllers. High-power equipment such as water heaters.

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Learn about ASEMI

ASEMI is not only a outstanding manufacturer of rectifier bridges, but also has completed power supply components such as Schottky diodes, fast recovery diodes, rectifier modules, power ICs, etc., which can meet the power supply rectification devices required for production.

ASEMI brand rectifier bridge production uses glass-encapsulated GPP chip, high frequency series Schottky, fast recovery diode using high-quality process chip, with high stability, high dispersion of chip uniformity and superior characteristics, is the quality of choice for major manufacturers.

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