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ASEMI brand rectifier bridge 3SRB5016

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3 Phase rectifier


GPP big chip


Three-phase rectifier bridge 3SRB5016 with high-quality

3SRB5016 Electrical parameter

A3SRB5016 is a three-phase rectifier square bridge of ASEMI brand. The main parameters are: 50A1600V; chip material: GPP; forward current (Io): 50A; number of chips: 5; forward voltage (VF): 1.3V; chip size : 180 MIL; surge current Ifsm: 500A; whether imported: yes; leakage current (Ir): 10uA; operating temperature: -55 ° C ~ +150 ° C; recovery time (Trr): 500 ns; number of leads: 5;

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3SRB5016 datasheet

3SRB5016 Aapplication field

3SRB5016 is a type rectifier bridge of ASEMI brand that supplied by Asemi Technology Co.,Ltd.   , 3SRB5016 three-phase bridge reactor, original brand new products, high-performance motor, inverter, welding machine rectification selected ASEMI brand 3SRB5016;

ASEMI brand bridge stack 3SRB5016 application field products: rail transit, inverter, electric welder, chopper sensor and other related electrical products. It has good heat dissipation effect, superior performance and outstanding efficiency, and low loss. It is one of the products supplied by ASEMI. This product high-quality , high stability and reliability, welcome to consult the sampling test.

3SRB5016 application

The rectifier bridge is an important component that acts as a charge in the circuit, turning the alternating current into a direct current that can be directly used by the appliance.

ASEMI regards the product quality of the rectifier bridge as the top priority of the company's survival, and always puts the product quality at the top of the enterprise development.

Choose our 3SRB5016 and you can rest assured.


will be better

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